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Our Mission

7even Seals

Founders of 7even Seals CO. Navi El and Castina are providing quality clothing, tech gear and content. Navi El, our sound designer, engineer, lyricist and product developer along with Castina, our designer and art curator have come together to provide music, merchandise and new material on grand levels. We are introducing new elemental concepts to music, technology and art. 7even Seals reemits how to connect with futuristic collaboration of the expansive mind with quality deliverance.


7even Seals is seeking collaboration and insight on how we can reach those who intend to cocreate with the aspects of art, music and technology. These enhancements bring us all together in unity with the power of the mind and soul. An artistic avenue of evolving.


7even Seals intends to connect with all those who seek our similar vision. The intention to grow knowledgably, artistically, technologically and simultaneously bring these elements together to bring expression and creative knowledge to a new light.


7even Seals believes in bringing back the unification of knowledge and art on a newly created degree. We are bringing light to the profound aspects of how creativity is meant to be expressed and encouraging others to align with their vision that reminds them of our message.

About Us: Our Mission
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